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Secure your Crypto with Affordable Social Recovery

PhinX sets the standard for Binance Smart Chain wallets, delivering an intuitive user experience with the added convenience of social recovery. Designed to meet the needs of beginners and pros alike, PhinX is an affordable alternative to existing ETH-based social recovery options.

$ 10

Average cost of social recovery on Ethereum


Average cost of PhinX social recovery


Cost savings with PhinX

Private keys are scary.

But Self-Custody is important.

Phinx MPC crypto wallet provides a wide range of benefits for crypto currency users, including:

Easy Earning

Phinx MPC crypto wallet provides the highest level of security for managing cryptocurrency assets, ensuring that the private keys are never exposed to any single individual or entity.

Transacting made simple

Phinx MPC crypto wallet ensures complete privacy and confidentiality for managing cryptocurrency assets

Onboarding in 3 Steps

Create a username. Verify your account via phone or email. Set a password. Hassle-free without compromising security.

Buy Crypto. Get the best rate. Guaranteed

Phinx MPC crypto wallet can be integrated with various third-party services, including buy and payment gateways.

How Social Recovery Works

Easy Account Setup

Sign up with your phone or email. No need to write down complex private keys.

Never Lose Access

Add friends as guardians to help recover your account if you lose access to it.

Simple Account Recovery

Lost your password? Send a request to your guardians and instantly recover your account.

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Your Keys Your Crypto

Phinx MPC crypto wallet can be used for a wide range of use cases, including:

Storing Keys Manually is Nerve-racking

Over $1.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been lost due to lost private keys. USB drives and pieces of paper are so easy to lose and cloud storage isn’t safe.

Social Recovery is Secure and Simple

With PhinX, your friends can help recover your wallet. You still hold your keys but don't have to worry about storing them safely. Learn about key sharding here.

Leave Custodial Wallets and Exchanges behind

Entrusting your digital assets to centralized exchanges and custodial wallets make you vulnerable to hacks and other security breaches.